Our Visions:
 King Hardware has been in the paper industry for more than twenty years, with strong customer bases in Europe, Asia, America and Africa.

 With over 300 employees and 10,000 tons of production capacity per year, we have manufactured hundreds of PED and ASME coded Yankee
 Dryer Cylinders, and successfully built up our reputation in delivering quality products of competitive price and short lead time. 
That makes us an excellent supplier for your company. 

In addition to Dryer Cylinder, our product lines include Former Cylinder, King-sized Calendar Rolls,Press Rolls, Mill Rolls, Felt Rolls and 
Suction Couch Rolls.

 We believe that due to the integration of global economies, today's competitions no longer exist merely between competing products or 
competing companies, but rather between competing value chains. King Hardware is committed to combine the best resources from the world, 
to supply the best products, and to build up long-term partnerships with our suppliers and clients who share our visions.
Please contact us now to get a free quote and receive your evaluation drawing promptly. You will be impressed with our professionalism 
and capabilities, and your satisfaction is our guarantee. 

 Contact Information:
Headquarters: eabcd@ms25.hinet.net
Website: www.kinghardware.com.tw

4F1-1,No.76-5,Wenjung Road, GushanDist., Kaohsiung City,Taiwan. TEL :+ 886-7-5530316
FAX : +886-7-5523474
GSM :+ 886-933638844
GSM :+ 886-932796242
E-MAIL : eabcd@kinghardware.com.tw

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